Garnier BB Cream For Combination/Oily Skin ...

Hi everybody,
How are you? It's been ages since my last post. I hope everything is going well.

Sorry, I haven't written for long long time but we are very busy with the little one and yeah we're still here in Dubai.

Recently I've tried the new, maybe it's only new for me.. I really don't.. anyway i tried the Garnier BB Cream For Combination/Oily Skin and.. wow I am very impressed.

Many things are good, many are important but only few are essential

That's the kind of post I've decided to write this month and I am telling you why..

Last month, I found my self clean up my wardrobe and I felt so bad.. I found my self throwing away old things, clothes that I don't like anymore and I felt really sorry for the waste of money.

I think that is the right time for change, only few useful things and that's it!

May Favourites

Hi everyone,

last month was very hot but i enjoyed few things that I want to share with you.

March favourites

Hi everyone welcome to my new post!

Here my March favourites products that I want to share with you.

Il primo respiro e il sorriso degli angeli

Meravigliosamente gli occhi che curiosamente si conoscono.. due maturi che guardano gli altri due, così piccoli e stropicciati cercare di aprirsi lottando contro la luce.. la visione più bella della mia vita stampata nel mio cuore.

Crema di mascarpone al cioccolato bianco senza uova

Questa che vi propongo è davvero una ricetta semplicissima, adatta a chi ha intolleranza o, come me, deve evitare di consumare uova crude.